Clean Slate: Before

To get into the mood for back-to-school time, I thought I’d share what I saw walking into my new classroom for the first time.  Everyone loves a clean slate, even if it is a lot of work.  These will be the “before” photos, which I will supplement with “after” photos when I’m finished making it what I want it to be.  Of course, I will continuously post new photos throughout the year, since a dynamic learning environment never stays the same.

Here’s the view from the back of the room:


And the view from the front door, walking in:


The furniture and the technology are brand new.  This is a 1:1 district, also, so this is going to be an awesome year full of learning (for me), success, and achievement!  I can’t wait!

Notice that there is plenty of room to cut a large, rectangular opening in the ceiling from which I can lower the metal slab after lightning has reanimated my monster! It will be ALIVE!  Because you can’t have a functioning science lab without that. (My dad’s idea.)


About Kris Nielsen
Kris L. Nielsen has been a middle grades educator and instructional leader for ten years in New Mexico, Oregon, and North Carolina. He is a graduate of Western Governors University’s Master of Science Education program, with emphasis on child development and instructional technology. Kris is an activist against corporate education reforms and has had his writing featured in several online magazines and blogs, including those of the Washington Post and Diane Ravitch. Kris currently lives in New Mexico with his young son and beautiful wife.

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